APM2.8 Mega APM V2.8 Flight Controller FC &amp, Shock Absorber for Multicopter Sale

APM2.8 Mega APM V2.8 Flight Controller FC &amp, Shock Absorber for Multicopter

APM2.8 Mega APM V2.8 Flight Controller FC &, Shock Absorber for Multicopter

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APM2.8 Mega APM V2.8 Flight Controller FC &amp Shock Absorber for Multicopter

1. DF13-4P the I2C interface to external compass replace the older version V2.52 1.0mm 6P SM06B GPS Interface:

The DF13-5P the GPS interface with an external interface to put together a compass, GPS and more convenient to connect external compass. Original DF13-5P GPS interface SM06B GPS interface function reuse, does not make sense;

2. Replace V2.52 versatile MUX Interface I2C interface:

The interface can be user by the board on the back of the pad function freely configurable output, UART0, UART2, I2C, OSD optional, defaults OSD interface to avoid version 2.52 when using both data transmission and OSD, need to use the Y separation line interface program. Improved OSD interface data transmission while in use, due to join the isolation resistance, more effectively avoid the interference of digital transmission;

3. The new version V2.52 version of the high pressure ratio, reaching 16V:

V2.52 version 3.3V power supply using the TPS79133, voltage 6V, the output current 100mA, need simultaneously to six (including onboard compass, gyroscope, barometer and three logic level conversion) IC power supply, power supply capacity of slightly less than relatively easy to burn, and because TPS79133 low-voltage enabled, you can not use other LDO chip substitution. Then switch to the new version V2.8.0 half of the United States LP2985-3.3, voltage reached 16V, increase reliability, reduce voltage problems Bad Gyro health probability.

3. Select Replace V2.5.2 version jumper inside and outside the compass selection pad:

V2.5.2 If you want to use an external compass, you need to connect a board built-in compass of the pad cut, if you want to change back to the built-in compass, but also re-welded, very inconvenient. V2.8.0 Improved design, using jumpers to choose, find marked on the MAG pin, plug the jumper is built-in compass, unplug the jumper is external compass.

OUR APM HD display welding process, in addition to the restaurant APM flight control connectors need manual welding, the rest are welding machine, process demanding, even the most difficult welding smallest TXB0104, you can see very full pads, key MPU6000 , side joint is also very full, ensuring a reliable connection, the general process can only be guaranteed at the bottom of the pad is connected, above MPU6000 similar suspension and PCB

4. V2.8.0 adds a 47uF tantalum capacitors:

V2.5.2 version of the main power supply filter circuit uses only 0.1uF composed of a plurality of high-frequency components of the filter circuit filter high frequency interference, the entire board is not a large-capacity capacitor is used to filter low frequency ripple component, V2.8.0 increase a 47uF tantalum capacitors, chip-board power supply improved APM stability;

5. The new version V2.8.0 level design without errors:

V2.52 version onboard AT45DB161D is a 3.3V power supply FLASH memory, the master ATMEGA2560 is 5V supply their data to a compatible level, but also to protect against the 2560 AT45DB161D 5V high impact, they between the use of one pair of power supply TXB0104 level conversion, but because of design errors, port A original low-level, and then the high level of 2560, B port is supposed to be connected to a high-level pick up low level, A and anti-B just a bit. According to the date sheet manual TXB0104 track level range port A is 1.2V-3.6V, 5V level pick up 2560 is clearly beyond its limits, and to track the level of port B though is 1.65-5.5V, but so it is 5V power supply, but received a low voltage AT45DB161, obviously AT45DB161 is very unfavorable. The new version V2.8.0 corrects this design flaw.

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